About me

Daniel specializes in large scale, semi abstract, acrylic on canvass portraits. It’s a process he developed from an unlikely source..the mixing palette.  One day while working along side his life size replica of Yoda, he noticed the palette and thought “That looks so cool. What if I translated that look onto the canvass?” So over time he has fine tuned this technique into his own unique style.

But his affection for the arts doesn’t end with just acrylics. He also has a passion for charcoal, watercolor, chalk pastel and graphic design. He’s also not adverse to trying new things. One of his favorite pieces was made out of items he found at a flee market. 

So how did he get here? After working in advertising for over 20 years in the Dallas/Ft Forth metroplex he decided it was time to say goodbye to the cube farm and return to his first love. So he donated his Dockers to the local Goodwill and opened a studio. He’ll be the first to admit the corporate jungle provided a respectable paycheck and he made a lot of good friends in the process.  But for him, rolling a mouse around all day long might be loads of fun for a cat but he’s had his fill.

So when you get a chance, stroll through his website, click on the tabs and take a look at his work. And by all means, fell free to give him a call. I’m sure him and Yoda would love to hear from you.